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Kazakhstan Manufacturer of Armored Vehicles Relies on Allison Automatics

Modern armored vehicles manufactured by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions for better performance over difficult terrain

Specialty vehicle maker Triel-HT uses Allison fully automatic transmissions in airport fire trucks

Deliveries of Scania models with 4000 Series™ have surpassed 120 units


Guernsey orders 22 Wrightbus vehicles with Allison transmissions

Allison T 2100™ delivers perfect balance between performance and economy on hilly and speedrestricted Channel Island roads

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Cargo truck runs 1.2 million kilometers on an Allison Automatic

Mr. Yang, a cargo truck driver, has traveled up and down the country in his Hyundai Mega Truck with a trouble-free Allison transmission

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Allison Transmission announces connected capabilities with Saucon Technologies

Intelligent transportation management platform is adding Allison diagnostic codes to its suite of cloud-based software, hardware and analytics tools

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Allison Transmission announces connected capabilities with Clever Devices to support public transit fleets

Allison diagnostic codes are being added to further enhance the fleet management experience for all modes, including fixed-route, bus rapid transit, and paratransit

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