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A Major Transportation Company in Perm Purchased Buses Equipped with Allison Automatics to Run on Busy City Routes

MAZ-203016 buses

 Avtomig purchased 105 MAZ-203016 buses equipped with the Allison fully automatic transmission to run on busy city routes in the region’s capital. After three months of vehicle operation, drivers have appreciated the exceptional ease of control and reliability of the new buses and passengers have enjoyed their comfort in dense city traffic. 

PERM, RUSSIA, October 2020 – As part of transport reform, Avtomig, a transportation company in Russia, started to operate six routes in Perm from June 1 this year after the company won the relevant tender held by the city administration. The new concept for improving urban public transport imposes strict requirements on the bus fleet, including the maximum age and type of equipment. 

The transportation company purchased 105 modern low-floor MAZ-203016 buses to operate a bus service in Perm. They are equipped with a Mercedes-Benz OM 926 LA engine of Euro 5 ecological class and the six-speed Allison T375R fully automatic transmission. This bus version has three doors and 30 seats. Avtomig purchased the Allison-equipped MAZ buses based on positive results of operating these vehicles. 

“First of all, MAZ-203 buses with Allison fully automatic transmissions completely meet the fleet requirements of the city administration,” said Igor Sasunov, head of Avtomig’ Perm branch. “In addition, we have a broad experience using these vehicles in the same configuration on other routes. They are easy to operate and we’ve had no breakdowns or major repairs, which means no downtime. In other words, these buses work at full capacity as they are not brought to the workshop for repairs, but are constantly on the road.” 

“The new buses have been in continuous operation for three months,” said Sasunov. “We have already received a lot of positive feedback from our drivers. They appreciate the ease of control and smooth acceleration with gear shifting.” 

Ease of driving a large bus is an important factor, especially when navigating heavy city traffic. Allison Automatics’ superior performance in these conditions delivers dynamic and smooth acceleration, as well as supporting the high maneuverability of the bus. Drivers do not get distracted by changing gears, which makes it easier for them to monitor the traffic situation and focus on driving. Perm Region is among the regions implementing an in-depth and large-scale reform of municipal public transport service, with passenger comfort as one of the key priorities. 

“As a carrier, we must not only transport passengers, but also ensure their safety and comfort,” said Sasunov. “The Allison fully automatic transmission allows drivers to switch on the driving mode and simply forget about the need to shift gears. Naturally, it considerably reduces driver fatigue and greatly contributes to passengers’ overall experience.” 

Avtomig purchased the buses from the dealership Belarus, a long-standing partner of Allison Transmission in Russia. The dealer says that the demand for passenger buses with automatic transmissions is steadily on the rise. 

“If we look at sales over the last few years, we can clearly see that buses with automatic transmission are increasingly becoming a ‘default’ choice,” said of the market situation Nikolay Mozyrec, head of DC Belarus. “It is no surprise. Numerous examples of successful operation of Allison-equipped buses show that the fully automatic transmission in commercial vehicles means economy, reliability, ease of operation and passenger comfort and safety.” 

Oct 30, 2020

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