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Allison Transmission Celebrates Customer Who Drove One Million Kilometers with Novus Truck

Novus, a mid-sized 5 ton cargo truck manufactured by Tata Daewoo

 SOUTH KOREA, SEOUL, October 2020 – Allison Transmission announced that the company has held an event for a customer who has been driving the Novus, a mid-sized 5 ton cargo truck manufactured by Tata Daewoo, for the past 12 years. The customer drove an estimate of 1 million kilometers since 2008, according to Allison Transmission. 

The customer is Samsu Choi, who runs a pick-up and delivery business in Gwangju. He has been delivering cargo and construction materials from Gwangju to major cities in Jeollanam-do including Hampyeong and Gunsan since he started driving the 5 ton Novus truck in 2008. He has since travelled one million kilometers over the past 12 years. The Novus truck is equipped with Allison 2000 Series™ fully automatic transmission. 

"I decided to buy the Novus truck in 2008 when I heard from my fellow co-workers that a fully automatic transmission provides highly qualified advantages including easy-driving and convenience," said Choi. "After driving for a million kilometers, I can confidently say that Allison Automatics provide excellent performance and durability, and above all are more cost-efficient than manual vehicles." 

He also added that manual vehicles require constant replacement of brake drums, pads and linings, which are expensive and timely to maintain. He believes that it is important to manage vehicles cost-effectively because the logistics industry is heavily affected by the fluctuations of the economy. 

"Allison’s fully automatic transmission provides the advantages of easy-driving and focus without power loss," said Kyoungmee Lee, Regional Director of Allison Transmission Korea. "Truck drivers have come to trust that an Allison Automatic provides excellent fuel efficiency as well as cost-efficiency shown by the rise of sales in Korea." 

In the meantime, Choi has just purchase a Prima truck, manufactured by Tata Daewoo and equipped with an Allison Automatic, in order to expand his business in the logistics industry. 

Oct 27, 2020

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