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Allison Transmission’s Mobile Training Unit Provides Customers with Hands-on Product Interaction

Mobile Training Unit

With almost eight years of existence, the Mobile Training Unit has proven to be a valuable tool in meeting the needs of its customers and providing greater interaction with their work and maintenance teams.

SAO PAULO, Brazil – As important as it is for Allison Transmission to have a broad portfolio of fully automatic transmissions meeting the most severe and varied types of use, it is essential to have a permanent after sales follow-up to guarantee the products’ smooth operation and meet the customers’ expectations around the world. This is what Allison has been doing relentlessly throughout its existence.

Here in Brazil, one of the main tools of interaction with its customers’ maintenance teams has been the Mobile Training Unit. Through it, Allison circulates all over the country where it can understand the fleet owners’ needs at their own workplace. Moreover, Allison constantly brings technical updates to the fleet owner’s maintenance staff with details on the latest technologies already a part of their products.

According to Francisco Nascimento, deputy maintenance manager of the Barueri (SP) unit of Veolia Brazil, "Our first Allison automatic equiped trucks were purchased with the focus on the greater comfort for our drivers and better quality work. But along with time, we realized that we were profiting a lot from these vehicles low maintenance." Veolia is a company that, among other activities, builds and manages sanitation landfills for household and industrial waste with Residue Management Centers in the states of São Paulo and Santa Catarina

Just at the Barueri unit, the site of Allison's latest employee training, Veolia Brazil maintains 40 compactor trucks, 32 of which are Allison automatics. At the last purchase, along the year 2018, the company added 12 new Mercedes-Benz Atego to the fleet. "Generally speaking, if we take into account the longer downtime for corrective maintenance – the main issue using manual trucks - the costs of such maintenance and the significant efficiency brought by Allison automatic equiped trucks, I estimate that our fleet productivity went up by 30%," explains Nascimento.

Nascimento also says that the training participants really appreciated all the received information and clarifications. "Even though we’ve been working with Allison automatic transmissions for years, there are details our staff was not aware of. With all the teachings and the various questions asked during the technical explanation, it is now easier to understand the operation and the preventive maintenance of the automatics," concludes Nascimento.

During the almost eight years of this mobile training unit, the Volare bus, fully dedicated for training operations featuring Allison’s fully automatic transmission 1000 Series, has already performed training in order to meet both the technical and user needs for more than 1,100 people.

The vehicle, equipped with specific tools, such as the transmission for training and all other items needed to provide qualification, technical deliveries and diagnostics of the units in use by the fleet owners, has been prepared to act as an travelling arm of Allison's technical area. The Mobile Training Unit was designed because of the escalating demand for commercial vehicles equipped with Allison automatic transmissions. It was designed to teach from the technical concepts to the understanding of how is the best way to eliminate mechanics’ and drivers’ doubts. With this, it is possible to more efficiently satisfy any customer difficulties as well as to teach how to obtain the best performance of the vehicles equipped with the Allison Automatics.

Aug 01, 2019

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