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Brazilian Mercedes-Benz Atego Refuse truck equipped with Allison transmissions lands in Colombia

Atego Refuse Truck

The sanitation companies LIME and Bogotá Limpia received 39 new automatic Atego 1729 for urban sanitation in Bogotá

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – After winning the tender to renew the refuse collection and urban sanitation fleet in Bogota, the country’s capital and largest city, Mercedes-Benz has delivered 39 new units of Atego 1729 (Euro 5). The units are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions assembled at the Brazilian plant in São Bernardo do Campo, State of São Paulo.

The Atego trucks were sold to the sanitation companies, LIME - Limpieza Metropolitana S.A., and Bogotá Limpia, confirming the worldwide trend to adopt automatic trucks for this type of application.

Refuse trucks require durability to not only to haul heavy loads but also to withstand heavy start-and-go duty cycle without breaking down, a routine that has a great impact on the wear and tear of the transmissions. The automatics are designed for extremely severe applications. Instead of the conventional starting clutch used by many vehicles, the Allison transmissions use torque converter technology providing unmatched reliability, longer time on the road and lower repair costs.

According to engineer Antônio Valverde, LIME’s maintenance manager, "The decision for the automatic trucks was a natural call since we had many problems with the dry clutch system models. Moreover, this is our second operation cycle using automatic vehicles. We had Allison transmissions on our trucks from 2003 to 2010, and the good results from that period made us want to repeat the experience."

For the company, another great advantage is the comfort for drivers, not to mention that Allison's transmissions avoid constant shifting and protect the truck's transmission system from abuse and bad operating practices.

With a 4,800-mm wheelbase and a 6-cylinder OM 926 LA engine developing 286 horsepower and 1,120 Nm of torque, the Atego 1729 is suitable for 19 m³ compactors. Models exported to Colombia feature the six-speed Allison's 3000 Series fully automatic transmissions with PTO.

Jul 29, 2019

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