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Allison transmission specified for new Archway Roadmaster road repair truck

Allison transmission specified for new Archway Roadmaster road repair truck

Fully automatic transmission meets the stop-start demands of the new Volvo FL rigid Roadmaster

COUNTY LEITRIM, IRELAND – May, 2019 – Allison’s 3000 SeriesTM transmission has been specified for the first Volvo FL rigid chassis to be fitted with Archway Products’ new Roadmaster road repair machinery bodywork with a programmable logic controller (PLC) system. Archway has produced more than 80 Roadmasters on various chassis and, by operating a 25-strong hire fleet of the vehicles, has day-to-day operational experience of Allison’s fully automatic transmissions.

Archway’s inventor and designer, Liam McNamee said, “We selected Allison’s fully automatic transmission for its dependability, fuel efficiency and ease of operation. The business of pothole repair takes you to some quite inaccessible work sites with steep gradients, soft verges and narrow roads with sharp bends, all of which can present issues for HGV-based machines. HGVs can normally drive up a steep hill with ease, but are rarely required to stop and start under these conditions for days on end. The Allison makes this tricky work easy.”

Archway’s new FL 4x2 rigid, which now has a shorter wheelbase than the Volvo chassis previously adopted for the Roadmaster bodywork, features an elongated hopper to store chips, a container to store binder and a hydraulically-controlled articulated boom which folds away in front of the truck. Roadmasters are used widely by local authorities in Ireland and the UK, and Archway is currently expanding its business activities into continental Europe.

The new Roadmaster is powered by Volvo’s 276bhp D8K Euro VI engine. With Allison Continuous Power Technology™, engine torque is nearly doubled at launch by Allison’s patented torque converter. Gear changes are made without interruption, resulting in the smooth transfer of power to the drive wheels and maximum efficiency between engine and transmission. To further enhance responsiveness on steep terrain, the Roadmaster is equipped with a low-ratio rear axle.

The Allison 3000 SeriesTM is designed for medium-duty commercial vehicles in a wide variety of applications and available with close- or wide-ratio gearing and up to seven speeds. Power Take-Off (PTO) is available as an option, as is an integral output retarder which provides enhanced vehicle braking and reduces brake wear. Operation is further enhanced by Allison’s 5th Generation advanced electronic controls, which also have prognostics capabilities.

Archway has relied on Allison transmissions since selling its first production model in 2002. McNamee recalls, “We did initially encounter some resistance to the suggestion of using an automatic ’box, but this skepticism soon vanished when the benefits of the Allison became apparent. With the Allison, operators are not straining their knees or legs by operating a manual clutch, there’s no clutch to burn out, and the transmission stands up well to the demands placed on it. As regular service plays a critical role in avoiding expensive downtime, we use the Allison Fluid and Filter Calculator on the Allison website as a guide to the correct fluid and filters and the optimum service intervals for a severe-duty cycle. We’re very satisfied with the resulting performance and reliability.”


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May 29, 2019

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