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Forest- and snow plowing jobs with Allison's fully automatic

Scania R490 8x4 with Allison fully automatic transmission from 4000 Series

Br. Österlund Schakt AB invested in a Scania R490 8x4 with Allison fully automatic transmission from 4000 Series™ for the toughest ground jobs, such as maintaining forest roads in the summer and plowing snow on the roads in northern Sweden in the winter.

Bispgården –The forest areas on Earth are increasing. With more than half of Sweden's surface covered by forest, it is one of the country's most important natural resources and export products. The forest industry is also the country's largest buyer of transport services. When talking about forest transport, one might think primarily of timber transports, as these are the ones you see on the roads. But in order for the timber trucks to be able to extract the timber from the forests, forest roads are needed, and this is where Österlund Schakt comes into the picture.

The company has two trucks, the newest being the Allison-equipped Scania. “When we needed to upgrade our trucks some time ago, I was a little curious about Allison's fully automatic transmission. We hadn't had any of those before so this became our first,” says Marcus Eliasson, who has now driven the truck for a few seasons and has managed to get an idea of how it works in the muddy and tough terrain in the forest.

“Often we drive heavy transports with sand and gravel both on the truck and on a trailer on soft and muddy ground in the forest. During the snow-free part of the year, the truck is used 100 per cent for gravel, repair and maintenance of forest roads. It is an environment that places high demands on both truck and transmission”.

“What I appreciate most about the Allison automatic is the soft and continuous power it gives to the wheels, without any loss of power in the gear shifts. It also contributes strongly to the stability thanks to the gearbox torque converter that is multiplying the engine's torque and providing increased performance when needed,” said Eliasson.

During an average working day, a manual or Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) can change gear 1500 times, and each time you lose speed and time while the clutch is worn.

“Our transmissions utilize the patented torque converter with Continuous Power Technology™, which results in very little wear, which in turn means that they normally only need planned oil and filter changes. Such service is easy to implement, which means that downtime becomes short,” said Erik Kaplar, market developer at Allison Transmission.

Apr 12, 2019

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