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Construction company boosts efficiency with an Allison Automatic

Allison-equipped FJ dump truck

2500 Series transmission enables Tsukamoto Shoji dump truck to powerfully climb long, uphill grades common in the mountainous tracts of Nara.

TOKYO – Since purchasing a Hino FJ dump truck with an Allison fully automatic transmission, civil engineering and construction company Tsukamoto Shoji has been pleased with the high level of drivability, operability and durability it contributes to operating efficiency.

Tsukamoto Shoji participated in a test-drive event held by Allison Japan in 2013 and later purchased an Allison-equipped Hino FJ as an addition to its fleet of eight dump trucks with manual transmissions. “Because it’s automatic, it has proven to be highly cost-effective. While the entire industry is facing the serious driver shortage issue, we have been able to shorten the driver training period” compared with manual transmission trucks, said president Yoshinari Tsukamoto, whose company operates in Nara and its bordering prefectures.

“What is great about Hino’s FJ dump truck is that, with the carrying load of a GVW 13.5-ton truck yet the chassis width of a GVW 8-ton truck, it can navigate the long, uphill climbs and narrow roads to many of our job sites,” Tsukamoto said. “Thanks to the fully automatic transmission, we greatly benefit in terms of reducing both maintenance and operational cost.”

Allison’s torque converter smoothly multiplies engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels. Whether on dirt roads or other challenging terrain, the truck assuredly grips the surface in low-speed starts—going forward or in reverse—and drives smoothly.

Our patented Continuous Power Technology™ delivers smoother, seamless, full-power shifts and superior acceleration and startability. Even a truck loaded to capacity can powerfully climb long, uphill stretches common in the mountainous tracts of Nara. Tsukamoto Shoji drivers get around more quickly than in a truck with a manual transmission.

“Needless to say, it does not require frequent gear-shifting like a manual transmission. The automatic transmission prevents excessive wear and seizing of the clutch that inexperienced drivers readily cause with a manual,” said Tsukamoto. “In the three years of operation, it has traveled about 70,000 km without incurring trouble and helped to improve the efficiency of their daily operations.”

Truck driver Kazuhiko Tsukamoto said he will never go back to a manual transmission. “Before driving an automatic, I was little doubtful in driving and about exhaust braking effectiveness with an automatic transmission. But I am sure to tell that it realizes stable and reliable deceleration that gives a very safe driving experience.”

Company president Tsukamoto added: “Our dump truck with the Allison transmission allows us to plan out the running costs associated with periodic ATF changes. It also means a lot to me, as a business owner, that it has a history of no reported serious trouble because then I’m not worried about having our drivers operate it.”

Feb 22, 2019

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