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Gaziulaş planning to upgrade its entire public transportation fleet with fully automatic transmission equipped buses

Otokar Doruk 220 LE low-floor bus equipped with an Allison Torqmatic T 280 transmission.

Allison Automatics offer a wide range of benefits, including increased performance for drivers, a smoother ride for passengers and reduced maintenance costs for fleets

GAZİANTEP, Turkey Five years after first experiencing the benefits of buses equipped with fully automatic Allison transmissions, Gaziantep Transportation Co. (aka Gaziulaş), an affiliate of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, wants to convert their entire fleet.

“We carry out planning and maintenance activities in order to provide public transportation with environmentally-friendly and comfortable vehicles, and to increase public use,” said Recep Tokat, general director of Gaziulaş. “We prefer fully automatic transmission equipment for our buses because they eliminate driver mistakes and contribute to passenger comfort.”

Approximately one-third of the current Gaziulaş fleet consists of Otokar Doruk 220 LE low-floor buses with Allison Torqmatic T 280 transmissions, featuring retarders to extend the brake life. Allison transmissions use a torque converter for Continuous Power Technology to smoothly multiply engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels. It allows drivers to get increased performance, faster acceleration and greater operational flexibility. Seamless, automatic shifting allows drivers to completely focus on the road and allows passengers to enjoy a more comfortable ride.

“We are aiming to replace our manual transmission vehicles in the shortest possible time, with buses equipped with fully automatic transmissions,” said Tokat.

In Gaziantep, close to 470,000 people use public transportation daily and the vehicles operated by Gaziulaş carry more than 140,000 of those passengers. Operating seven days per week, from 5:30 a.m. until midnight, their buses service nearly 2,100 bus stops across 82 different lines. The 50 Allison-equipped buses in their fleet of 171 have proven to be durable.

“Our automatic vehicles have exceeded 300,000 km and have not encountered any problems caused by the transmission,” said Tokat. “We are also very satisfied with the advantages of reduced maintenance costs.”

Unlike manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs) with mechanical clutches that are subject to wear and require downtime to replace, Allison fully automatic transmissions use a torque converter and only require periodic oil and filter changes. When considering life cycle value, vehicles equipped with fully automatic transmissions provide lower operating costs in comparison to other types of transmissions.

With proven reliability, Allison-equipped buses operate in 23 of the top 25 cities in the world.

May 14, 2018

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