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More cities in Argentina choose to equip their refuse trucks with Allison transmissions

Allison transmission-equipped Mercedes Benz Atego 1729 refuse trucks.

Cipolletti, Posadas, Salta and Santa Fe are the latest to join Córdoba, Corrientes, Neuquén, and Rosario in choosing Allison Automatics for productivity and reliability

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Due to increased productivity, and a number of additional benefits, Allison transmissions have once again been chosen for waste collection trucks in more cities across Argentina. The latest to join the list are Cipolletti, Posadas, Salta and Santa Fe.

Allison fully automatic transmissions provide sanitation companies with superior acceleration compared to manual or automated manual transmissions (AMT). Improved acceleration allows trucks to pick up more rubbish in the same amount of time, which optimizes fleet productivity.

Using a torque converter to smoothly multiply engine torque, Allison transmissions deliver more power to the wheels. By multiplying the engine power, drivers get faster acceleration, increased performance and greater operational flexibility. Referred to as Continuous Power Technology™, an Allison increases power while a manual or AMT loses power with every shift.

The cities of Córdoba, Corrientes, Neuquén, and Rosario have already embraced the benefits of using Allison transmissions. The newest cities to make the change to the fully automatic Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions for their refuse trucks represent a wide range in population:

  • Cipolletti, with a population of 90,000, has chosen Allison transmissions as part of its plan to renovate its fleet of Scania P 250 6x2 trucks.
  • Posadas, with a population of 275,000, is using Mercedes Benz Atego 1729 trucks equipped with Allison transmissions.    
  • Salta, with a population of 535,000, is using Iveco 170 E 28 trucks equipped with Allison transmissions.
  • Santa Fe, with a population of 3.2 million, is using Mercedes Benz Atego 1729 trucks equipped Allison transmissions.

In addition to increased power and productivity, refuse collection requires trucks to haul massive loads, withstand heavy start-stop duty-cycles, and endure day-after-day use without breaking down. This kind of work takes a toll on weaker transmissions. However, instead of a starting clutch that is prone to wear, Allison Transmission’s torque converter technology reduces maintenance costs and increases time on the road.

Another benefit of the torque converter is a quieter transmission, for less noise at all times during refuse collection.

Jan 31, 2018

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