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Hamburg police rely on special armored vehicle equipped with an Allison transmission

High Mobility Vehicle (HMV) Survivor I equipped with Allison fully automatic transmission.

HMV Survivor I provides ideal combination of acceleration, mobility, safety and reliability for crisis situations

HAMBURG, Germany – Prevailing in a Europe-wide tender against competitors, the High Mobility Vehicle (HMV) Survivor I, built by Austrian manufacturer Achleitner, in July became the first such vehicle in Germany equipped with Allison fully automatic transmission.

"So far, we are very satisfied with the Survivor I," said Thorsten Krumm, fleet manager for the police of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. "Due to the Allison transmission, the vehicle is extremely easy to maneuver and also offers driving comfort. The acceleration capability of the 12-ton, 6-meter long Survivor I is important in precarious situations."

The vehicle is for use by special police forces during a wide range of dangerous events, including terrorist attacks, kidnappings and rampages. The armored troop transporter enables special task forces to arrive quickly and safely wherever they’re needed. Several officers have already received vehicle training.

"Every officer of the special forces has to be able to drive the Survivor I," said Krumm. "In dangerous situations, the ease of use with an Allison transmission is a great advantage."

The Allison 2500 SP transmission meets both the tactical and economic requirements of the Hamburg police and offers unrivaled reliability. It’s specially designed for demanding security vehicles such as the HMV Survivor I. Allison’s torque converter smoothly multiplies engine torque during start-up, delivering more power to the wheels and protects the drivetrain against torque shock and vibrations.

"The Allison transmission enables smooth acceleration and ideal shifting even under load," said Krumm. "This gives our colleagues an additional feeling of safety during operations."

The four-wheel drive vehicle is based on a chassis that was developed by Achleitner. Its ability to climb and cross a wide variety of terrain is as impressive as its on-road performance.

"High speeds with partial, full braking during emergency operation are not uncommon," said Philipp Wallisch, transmissions sales manager for Allison distributor K & W Drive Systems in Austria. "The best possible acceleration is immediately ensured and available, and the right shift selection is provided by Allison due to the appropriate power shift gear ratios."

By protecting the vehicle driveline and providing overall durability, an Allison transmission is not only crucial for critical operations – but it also reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the total lifetime of the vehicle.

Jan 26, 2018

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