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Paris City Hall adding Allison-equipped natural gas vehicles to its public fleet

Renault trucks parked on street.

Delivery of 11 Iveco and Renault trucks with Allison transmissions began in the spring

PARIS – Paris City Hall has begun receiving 11 new additions to its public fleet of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and utility vehicles. Powered by natural gas, the trucks are equipped with fully automatic Allison transmissions.

“Our drivers enjoy the exceptional driving comfort of vehicles with Allison automatic transmissions,” said Hervé Foucard, head of the public fleet at Paris City Hall. “In association with natural gas engines, the automatic transmissions optimize the performance of the vehicles. And also, in terms of maintenance expenses, the trucks need less because the engines suffer less [wear and tear] in use.”

Supporting the operational divisions of Paris City Hall, the public fleet has 100 trucks ranging from 16 to 44 tons. They transport a wide range of items for various departments, including logs felled by woodcutters in the parks, paving stones, school equipment, documents and more.

Since 2014, in accordance with its commitments as a sustainable, ecological city, Paris City Hall had frozen its orders of HGVs, having decided to ban diesel from its public purchasing. Before making any further purchases, the decision-makers waited until manufacturers had launched new models adapted to its requirement of running on alternative fuel.

Early this year, Iveco and Renault were selected to supply natural gas-powered gantry crane trucks, hook loaders, crane winch trucks, gantry trucks and bucket trucks. The 11 new additions – all equipped with Allison Automatics – consist of two Iveco Eurocargo vehicles, two Iveco Stralis tractors and seven Renault models from the D Wide range.

Natural gas engines are more responsive when joined to an Allison transmission. Allison’s torque converter multiplies engine torque to significantly improve startability and launch. When compared to manual transmissions and AMTs, this Continuous Power Technology™ enables more responsive acceleration, higher productivity and greater efficiency – which maximize the benefits of a natural gas engine.

“With automatic transmission, we benefit from an operational availability that is not subject to risk, something that is highly appreciated because our department operates on a streamlined basis,” said Foucard. “Few breakdowns, better performance – that’s essential to deal with our workload.”

Dec 04, 2017

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