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Fourth generation family business selects Allison-equipped vehicles for a variety of benefits

Björklunds Åkeri in Haninge recently added its first two Allison transmission-equipped concrete mixer trucks to its fleet.

Concrete mixer trucks equipped with fully automatic Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions provide better maneuverability, acceleration, driver recruiting and less maintenance

HANINGE, Sweden Björklunds Åkeri, a fourth generation construction business in the Stockholm area, recently purchased its first Allison-equipped vehicles for a variety of benefits. The two concrete mixer trucks are equipped with fully automatic 3000 Series™ transmissions.

“We deliver mainly in the Stockholm area where the traffic is heavy, to building sites that often are very narrow and hard to access,” said Robin Björklund who operates the 12-vehicle fleet with his brother. “It means there are high demands on maneuverability, and we have found that the fully automatic transmission, together with the steering rear axle, makes it much easier to reverse close to where the customer wants us to discharge the concrete."

The Scania G320 trucks have three axles with steering on first and third axle. They’re also the only fully automatic vehicles in the company’s long history. In addition to improved maneuverability, Björklund also appreciates Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ which eliminates power loss during the automatic shifting. It helps the truck to accelerate faster and allows the driver to keep pace with city traffic.

Additionally, with today’s drivers less familiar with driving manual transmissions, Björklund believes a fully automatic transmission also works as a good recruitment tool. "Our drivers are very happy with the new concrete mixer trucks. They very much want to drive them, and they say the work has become both more enjoyable and easier,” he said. “It’s the same when we need to hire new drivers. You need to have something extra to offer, and Allison-fitted trucks make it easier for us to recruit new drivers."

Björklunds’ company makes some repairs and maintenance of the trucks themselves, and there has been no need for any garage visits because of the transmissions in the concrete mixer trucks. "We haven't had them long – just since the beginning of May – but we don't expect any transmission-problems in the future either,” he said. “You just have to do the planned services by the book. There really is nothing in them that can break down when there isn't any coupling wear and tear."

Robin Björklund continues the tradition with the family-owned company and often lets his daughters Kelly and Cathleen, ages 7 and 4, join him in the truck. He hopes that one day they will be the fifth generation to continue running the business.

Dec 01, 2017

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