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Transport company chooses Allison transmissions for reliability with just-in-time deliveries

Truck equipped with an Allison transmission

Br. Bäver Transport delivers around the clock with 10 Volvo FL trucks equipped with the fully automatic Allison 3000 Series™

STOCKHOLM  – When machine parts and industrial components from all over the world must arrive just-in-time for its customers to avoid a stop in production, Br. Bäver Transport selects the reliability of trucks equipped with fully automatic Allison transmissions.

"Safe, on-time delivery is a major demand from many of our customers," said Hans-Jürgen Rudolf, service manager at Br. Bäver transport. "A truck breakdown in the middle of the night can be devastating. That's why we are not taking any chances and have invested in high quality, modern trucks and fully automatic transmissions."

Since their start in 2003, Br. Bäver Transport has become one of Stockholm's biggest hauler contractor companies with a fleet of approximately 25 trucks and some vans. They primarily deliver air cargo for TNT in Sweden. For local transports in the Stockholm area, they chose to equip 10 Volvo FL distribution trucks with fully automatic Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions.

In addition to providing reliability for their customers, the drivers at Br. Bäver Transport have also enjoyed the switch to Allison Automatics.

"Our drivers have been ‘spoiled’ with the Allison transmissions and I'm sure many of them would quit if we chose a different transmission for our future trucks," said Rudolf. "The driving comfort is real good and the transmissions work perfectly in narrow city areas and when precise control is needed – like backing up. It's often a tricky maneuver and it's good not having to worry about gear changing as well."

Other benefits that are appreciated by Rudolf and the drivers are the fast acceleration and the ability to keep up with the starting and stopping in city traffic. "It almost feels like driving a car," he said.

Rudolf is sure the acceleration advantage and the precise maneuverability have a positive effect on the company's profitability, as they allow a higher productivity level than trucks equipped with a manual transmission. When it comes to maintenance and operating costs, Rudolf is also very satisfied with the Allison transmissions.

"The fuel economy is good and the only maintenance they need is the planned oil change. And since that’s easy to do, there is no long downtime for the truck because of the transmission," said Rudolf. "I think the whole powertrain feels much better with a fully automatic transmission.

Our next generation distribution trucks for local transports definitely will be equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions too."

Apr 04, 2017

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