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Distribution company quickly expands its investment in Allison-equipped vehicles

Truck being loaded at a factory.

HÄRRYDA, Sweden – June 2016 – After purchasing its first Allison-equipped truck just six months ago, haulage contractor Flygfrakt has already bought an additional three vehicles with fully automatic Allison transmissions.

Flygfrakt is located near the second biggest airport in Sweden, but only 50 percent of the goods they deliver are air cargo. The rest can be anything that can be transported, picked up or delivered to addressees in southern Sweden. Flygfrakt initially purchased an Allison-equipped truck, a Volvo FL, after their representatives visited Allison’s manufacturing facility and Allison Customer Experience center in Hungary.

"The factory visit inspired confidence, but for me personally, the test drive was even more impressive," said Jimmy Edvardsson, operating manager and co-owner of Flygfrakt. "It was my first time to test drive an Allison-equipped truck, and I immediately realized it could apply to our distribution trucks that drive shorter distances in cities with many start-stops.”

Ten of Flygfrakt's fleet of 70 vehicles are used in local city traffic with many start-stops. After visiting Allison, Edvardsson spoke with Borås Bil lastvagnar, their local Volvo dealer, who has extensive experience with Allison-equipped trucks and the demands of a distribution business. Thus far, four of Flygfrakt's 10 trucks have been replaced by new Volvo FL trucks with Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions.

"It's very important that our trucks now can easily follow the traffic flow and accelerate after red light stops just as fast as the rest of the traffic,” said Edvardsson. “Good warranty coverage and low maintenance costs are other important benefits with the Allison Automatics. The drivers are very happy with the trucks and appreciate the smooth acceleration without power losses during gear shifts."

Jun 05, 2016

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